DUNES – concerto for accordion, strings and percussion

  • year: 2020
  • lenght: 20′
  • instrumentation: accordion solo ? 3 perc. (tmp, oc. drums, tib. bowls, vibr, wood blocks, paiste gong, rainsticks, wind gong, lastra, crotales, 2 birman gongs ? strings
  • premiere: 19.03.2022, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music / Klaudiusz Baran (acc), Szymon Bywalec (cond.), Chopin University Chamber Ensemble
  • recording released at Chopin University Press
  • available via streaming services
  • commissioned by and dedicated to prof. Klaudiusz Baran
  • Dunes is another composition that draws inspiration directly from nature and natural phenomena. The work presents a constantly transforming soundscape built of sound masses distinguished by their color, rhythmic and melodic structures. The parts of the soloist and the orchestra are closely related to each other, and the musical material and relationships between these parts are shaped organically. The titular dunes are primarily an inspiration manifested in the moving or “pouring” of sound masses through each other. Dunes can also be a musical vision of the canvas of a non-existent abstract painting that depicts various masses and geometric forms merging.