fot. Jerzy Wypych

In 2018 I met Jurek Przeździecki in his electronic music producing studio to prepare and work on a new material, our first album. Starting from only synth-based music we moved forward to explore sonic possibilities of grand piano’s sounds combined with ambient and drone music worlds of synth music. Our concert setups were evolving: from complex sets with Moogs, Buchla, modular synth, Prophet, guitar effects and, of course, piano to more reduced and sound-consistent set of instruments including electric, table-top guitar with effects and ebows used inside piano. We gave concerts all over Poland during various festivals and in alternative music venues. Our main concept of live gig is to create 100% improvised, new music material from scratch. That’s how we created our studio album “Wir” as well as two live concert albums: “Pedestal Complement” (recorded during 2019 Ambient Festival in Gorlice) and “Ideal Limit” (Viral Art Festival 2020 performed and recorded online in Chatka Żaka in Lublin). Every concert is different and oscillates between classical improvised music, spacious sound and time worlds connected with ambiental and experimental approaches.

more about our collaboration and inspirations in the interview below (only polish)

Fading Towards the Sun is a solo work for piano, moog delay, synthesizers and max-msp. It exists in a pre-composed sketch, but leaves performer some freedom for shaping improvised segments. Form of this work is evolutional, it gradually builds more and more layers to create an uplifting, “shining” culmination. It was performed in chamber hall of FCUM in Warsaw.

Kazimierz Serocki in memoriam was a solo project specially prepared for Festiwal Muzykofilia which took place in Toruń, on May 2022. 45-minute set was a free-improvised prepared piano recital which was based on musical material taken from Serocki’s works such as Arrangemnts, A Piacere, Preludes. During the final part of the concert I was joined by two percussionists ? Rafał Iwańśki and Jacek Buhl. Together we performed a free-improvised fantasy based on rhythmical and sonoristic solutions basing on “Swinging Music” by Serocki

Blueprint #4 belongs to set of works based on more or less open form. #4 is co-created with Jerzy Przeździecki, who plays with feedback created from prepared piano sounds. Work is based on 3 segments where this sonoristic idea is treated in various ways. The performance of Blueprint #4 is published on Warsaw Autumn Chronicles.