VEINS for orchestra

  • year: 2019
  • lenght: 9′
  • instrumentation: / /  2 perc. (marimba, 3 toms, gran cassa, 5 temple bl., vibr., sus. cymb. / ar / pf / strings
  • premiere: 1.07.2019 Southbank Centre, London Philharmonic Orchestra / Foyle Future Firsts, cond. by Sir James MacMillan
  • written during London Philharmonic Young Composers Programme 2018/19
  • The piece is based on a multilayered cantus firmus, which was constructed through vertical and horizontal structures in context of colour, harmony and polymelodical lines. These three elements shape an unstable and unpredicable sound landscape. The whole musical material develops from one musical idea (inspired by the developing variation technique), while narration is shaped as a continous, organic development of this material. Unlike my other works, inspiration of “Veins” comes from a dream in which inspirations of mountain landscapes are connecting together with visual impressions of flora from a fantasy worlds. The holistic picture shows an infinite tree of which branches grow in a massive construction and start to surround the whole landscape. It ends as a infinite and organic net of branches, like a neural system. The listener ? and the observer ? is in the immovable centre of seemingly static action. The surrounding landscape is slowly evolving and transforming and the tree is little by little growing to surround the whole scenery. That is why the alternative title of work could also be “Arborization”. The important aspect of work is an element of sacrum, a mystical chord of tree, which symbolises tranquililtyand nature’s harmony.