• year: 2021
  • lenght: 18′
  • instrumentation: flute or wooden flute / piano or historic piano
  • premiere: 29.08.2021, Warszawa, Bar Studio by Anna Karpowicz (fl) and Marek Bracha (pf)
  • Project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture National Heritage and Sport of the Republic of Poland within the programme ?Composing Commissions? implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.
  • The source of the musical material and the main inspiration is F. Schubert’s  Introduction and Variations on “La Belle Meuni?re” D. 802 for flute and piano. My goal was to condense the harmony from the thematic material of the variations to process and reshape the source musical material. Individual structures exchange or intertwine into a constant whirl of sounds and cascades of melodic lines. Both instruments are treated as one organism, and the composition itself is devoid of the widely understood element of dialogue in classical music, which has been replaced by connecting, organic melodic lines. This is how the dense musical material presents irregular and rhythmically ambiguous melodic and harmonic structures, derived from Schubert’s previously mentioned composition.