Celestial delusion

  • year: 2020
  • lenght: ca. 33′
  • instrumentation:
    • piano solo + electronics (2019/2020)
    • piano trio (vn, vc, pf) + electronics (2020)
  • electronics consists of: precomposed audio tracks and tabletop electric guitar with effects
  • commissioned by ppIANISSIMO Festival in Bulgaria

The work consists of 4 internal movements:

  1. Carbon Sun
  2. Vectoric Lake
  3. Twelfth night
  4. Footprints on an exoplanet

In Celestial Delusion I wanted to transfer us to another world, with experiences from the present one. We see here a new landscapes, plants, life. The composition shows us a specific image, the world, and it is a dreamy projection of abstract shapes, sets of colors and associations. We confront them with memories of the fall of nature and the dark consequences of actions of our species. A new and discovered world appears here, you might say – imagined. Facing a new creation resemble going through a symbolic portal. Post-apocalyptic memories are blending with the unreal world, a kind of utopia – we fall into a trance while experiencing everything new that surrounds. So it is difficult to describe the multitude of sensations seen through the human eyes and experienced by every single sense. The new planet may appear as a salvation, but also as a repetition of the dark prophecy. Celestial Delusion is also a personal journey and a reflection. It creates an abstract set of shapes, colors and landscapes of the new world or experiences and memories that brought us there. A journey from the fall of civilization and nature to observation of new flora and fauna, new suns, passing through the unknown colors of the night. A journey to the memories of a Home that is appearing at the same time here – very close – as well as far away.

watercolor painting: Andrzej Karałow