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Inspired by phenomenon of landscapes, I am trying to discover my own musical language through penetration and fathoming visual, multilayered sceneries. Conneting music with synaesthesia, I want to reach unique connection of sound, its colour and time. The best link-symbol to observe the paradox of variability and permanency of landscapes is journey. Earth, physical land, tectonic layers, colours – all these elements connect with spiritual aspect of steadiness and unpredictability. Improvisation, as musical element and technique, symbolizes in my music a wandering through the internal sound landscapes, merging everything into a single, organic whole.


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Andrzej Karałow, b. 1991 is a young Polish pianist and composer. He is currently at doctoral studies on composition and assistant lecturer at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He is a laureate of many national and international piano competitions, e.g. Milosz Magin Competition in Paris, Konzerteum in Athens, or Frederic Chopin National Competition in Warsaw. He performed in prestigious concert halls in the country and abroad, also with accompaniment of renowned orchestras, under the baton of Ewa Strusińska, Maciej Niesiołowski and Jakub Chrenowicz. Equally successful as a composer, he is a prize winner of, among others, the 2nd Karol Szymanowski International Composition Competition in Katowice, or Opera Compostion Competition in Miskolc, Hungary, where he was praised for his professionalism, imagination and artistic sensibility. Although classical music is the main field of his activity, he is also open to experiments in electronic and alternative genre, combining techniques and inspirations from various fields of art into his own, unique musical language.