• De invitatione mortis –  opera written to libretto of Maciej Papierski for three solo voices, instrumental octet, male choir, electronics and improvisation (2017/18)


  • Imploded aglomeration – for cello, percussion and piano / amplified trio (dedicated to Interface Ensemble)

  • Sun-chants – for clarinet (B and bass) and accordion (dedicated to Dziołak/Stankiewicz Duo)

  • Sonata – for accordion solo (dedicated to Rafał Grząka)

  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets – for soprano and piano (dedicated to Olga Siemieńczuk and Karolina Tańska) [2016/17]

  • Blueprint #2 – for improvising flute, english horn and electronics (dedicated to Etymos Ensemble)

  • Blueprint #3 – for organ solo (dedicated to prof. Stanisław Moryto)

  • Blueprint #4 – for prepared piano & feedbacks (collective composition w/ Jurek Przeździecki)


  • through – for violin, bass clarinet (with percussion instruments), piano (dedicated to Plexus)

  • Fatal Mirrors – for harpsichord and percussion (dedicated to Katarzyna Kluczykowska)

  • Witkacy 622 – improvised monodrama – collective work – for soprano, electronics, harp, cello (in collaboration with soprano Aleksandra Klimczak)

  • Blueprint #1 – for improvising musicians (dedicated to Wroclaw Improvising Orchestra)


  • Multicolour Horizon for symphony orchestra

  • Notturno for violin and accordion (for Duo Karolina Mikołajczyk & Iwo Jedynecki)

  • ~Intro for baritone saxophone (for Paweł Gusnar)

  • Interrupted Dream for flute, clarinet, vibraphone (for Etymos Ensemble)

  • Śmierć (Death) – song to words written by Julian Tuwim for bas and organ (for Aleksandra Bartfeld)

  • Intermezzo for organ (for Mateusz Rzewuski)

  • Mutual Sketches for 2 clarinets (for Dúó Nítsirkasíle)


  • Kepler opera written to libretto of Maciej Papierski for two solo voices and chamber orchestra

  • Paranoid Cube for big band

  • Geometry of Night for saxophone and piano (dedicated to Paweł Gusnar)

  • Piano Trio for violin, cello and piano (for Aurum Trio)

  • Lullaby to words of Maciej Papierski for mixed choir a capella (dedicated to VRC choir)

  • Ouverture for strings (dedicated to The Crew string ensemble)

  • Doppelgänger for clarinet and accordion (dedicated to Dziołak/Stankiewicz Duo)

  • Will-o’-the-Whisp for accordion solo (dedicated to Maciej Frąckiewicz)

  • Visionary Landscape for two accordions and organ

  • Fallout dance for saxophone, electric guitar, piano and percussion


  • Distant Dream for saxophone (soprano or tenor) and organ (dedicated to Aleksandra Bartfeld)

  • String Quartet

  • Meltemi for multipercussion solo

  • 2 Melodies for violin and piano

  • Reminiscence for cello solo

  • Ballade for cello and piano

  • Preludium and Hymn piano solo

  • Psalm 16 for two choirs a capella


  • Uran’s Flower for bass guitar and strings

  • Whispers of Nervelles Sun for septet: 2 flutes, tenor saxophone, hammond’s organ, percussion, bass guitar, accordion

  • Nocturnes for piano solo

  • Sonata for violin and piano

  • Meeting in the Dark Chamber for bass guitar and harpsichord

  • Luminous Bridge for flute, clarinet, cello and piano


  • Reading a Fairytale for flute, fluegelhorn, violin, cello, piano

  • Invisible Mountain for violin, clarinet and piano

  • Io for cello and piano

  • Demons’ Forest for accordion and cello

  • Urban Ghost’s Small Wish for symphonic orchestra


  • Graffiti Music for string orchestra

  • Last Planet for guitar and string orchestra

  • Endless Cloud for piano duo

  • Song for the Light of Venus for flute solo

  • Red Moon for trumpet and string orchestra (2009)

  • Night Music for violin solo and ensemble

  • I Sonate for piano solo


The Witcher 2 Suite

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