the free improvised electroacoustic album

A story, similarly as an improvisation, should give an impression of a spontaneous stream of events. A good speaker can draw his listeners into a colourful flow of events whose solution is impatiently awaited by them. “The Vortex” is our story. Entirely improvised, it guides us through stylistically diverse moments during which we give in to the attempt to create our own world. A world in which colour is the dominant forming element of our common musical language. Wandering through the internal sound landscapes of such instruments as the Buchla Music Easel synthesizer, modular synthesizer, piano or DSI Prophet 6, we accept the challenge to map these seemingly different musical lands and merge them into a single, organic whole.

All pieces are improvised, recorded on the so-called one-take.


translated by Żaneta Pniewska

artworks by Keiji Matsumoto

photo by Aleksandra Kaca


1. Floating Air
2. Lebentanz
3. Intermezzo
4. Invariability
5. First Interludium
6. Spectrquenza
7. Antiphone
8. Vortex Toccata
9. Second Interludium
10. Lost Oberek

Blueprint #4 - collective/improvised work for prepared piano, guitar effects and feedback

Jerzy Przeździecki – feedback
Andrzej Karałow – piano / effects

recorded by Katarzyna Rakowiecka

Blueprint #4 is another piece based on improvised parts and open form. Unlike the other works, Blueprint #4 is a collective and improvised composition with only sketch of a 3-part form. All elements of piece is shaped in an improvisational way, where piano is giving acoustic sounds to the microphone, which is also situated near active speaker. Combined together the sound is manipulated in a special filter module, which emits “recycled” and feedbacked sound from the piano as source. Both musicians are shaping together a dialogue which is divided into three segments.

Live recording during Warsaw Autumn 16.09.2017

JUREK PRZEZDZIECKI | Cocoon, Recognition, Boshke, Requiem)

Warsaw’s analog techno maverick Jurek Przeździecki (b.1973) is one of the more powerful and uncompromising voices in former Eastern Bloc electronic music music scene. Bred throughout the 90s on a varied diet of first wave techno, new beat and post-industrial mutants like SPK or Psychic TV, he developed his own vision of highly intricate and detailed yet definitely danceable, funked-up techno for connoisseurs of the genre. Actively involved in producing music for 2 decades plus, he started his career in world-touring Bigwigs, later to release his solo and collaborative stuff on such labels as Cocoon, Whirlpoolsex, Synewave, Recognition, Nachtstrom Schallplatten or Affin. His productions were appraised and played out by numerous DJ/producer heavyweights including Laurent Garnier, Oliver Ho, Joey Beltram and DJ Hell, while Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore included Jurek’s track in band’s tour DJ set. Currently, he recorded two quite successful EPs with Jacek Sienkiewicz as a duo Tumult Hands. He’s been also quite busy focusing on his long-running Epi Centrum project whose LP will be out on Damon Wild’s Synewave Records soon. He devotes most of his time to studying arcanes of deep composition and researching the possibilities of various legendary studio gears, such as Buchla’s modular Morton Subotnick-designed System 200e. Lives and works in Warsaw.